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Setting the Standard for Heavy Haul

VNX Series

Heavy Haul's Heavy Hitter

The Volvo VNX is built specifically for the needs of heavy-haul trucking operations. Available with up to 605 hp and 2,050 lb-ft of torque, the VNX provides the power and performance demanded for heavy-haul applications such as logging, machinery transport, and long combination vehicles.


On the outside, it's as tough as they come. Approved Gross Combination Weight Ratings (GCWR) span from 125,000 to 160,000 pounds. Ratings of up to 225,000 pounds are available with application approval and appropriate components. Optional steer axles, lift axles, tridem drive axles, and longer fifth-wheel slides help you meet a diverse range of weight distribution requirements. Inside, the VNX is built for comfort. Seating has been organically optimized, while the dashboard and steering wheel bring controls and information efficiently to the driver.

VNX 300

Our VNX 300 DAYCAB provides muscle and maneuverability for local heavy-haul applications. Custom frame lengths are available with the option of 6x4 tandem, 8x4 tandem, or 8x6 tri-drive axle configuration. This daycab has power to spare and can be rated up to 160,000 lbs GCW.

Volvo Série VNX
VNX 400

Our VNX 400 flAT·ROOF 42" sleeper is designed for maximum flexibility on regional heavy-haul runs. The bunk area features a premium, 36-inch Volvo mattress to make occasional overnights on the road more comfortable.

Volvo Série VNX
VNX 740

Our VNX 740 MID-ROOF spacious 70" sleeper features all of Volvo's latest interior improvements, including our full­ sized reclining mattress. Combined with our high­efficiency, high torque powertrain options, the VNX 740 is the perfect tool for long-distance heavy haul.

Real experienced representative


Our sales representatives welcome you in the comfort of our offices or travel to meet you at your office. Their extensive experience in the trucking and transportation fields allow them to fully understand your requirements. They take the time to analyze your needs and offer you the tractor truck that really suits you, without compromising on the comfort, ergonomics, versatility and power you need.

Charles Turgeon

Volvo sales representative
– Rive-sud

Tél. : 418 833-5333
Cell : 418 576-6666

Courriel :

Serge Roy

Volvo sales representative
– Rive-Nord

Tél. : 418 688-5333
Cell : 418 953-2098

Raymond Pouliot

Volvo sales representative
– Rive-sud

Tél. : 418 833-5333
Cell : 418 564-2495

Serge Gauvin

Directeur des ventes Volvo

Tél. : 418 833-1601 poste 1236
Cell : 418 580-6800