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Regional Versatility – Premium Productivity

VNR Series

Our most versatile truck yet

The Volvo VNR represents the future of regional haul. This truck does not compromise, delivering productivity and efficiency with quality and long-haul amenities.

Explore The VNR Series

The new Volvo VNR features a dramatic new exterior that’s impossible to ignore. Distinctive contours enhance airflow, while state-of-the-art LED lighting provides improved visibility and reduced maintenance. Inside, seating has been optimized to be even more ergonomic, while a new dashboard and steering wheel bring controls and information efficiently to the driver, minimizing distraction.

VNR 300

The cab of the VNR 300 brings precise refinement of the driving environement to a lightweight, efficient daycab. The cab interior is thoughtfully organized to keep daily-route drivers productive, comfortable, and happy.

Volvo Série VNR
VNR 400

With a 42-inch flat-roof sleeper, the VNR 400 is well-suited for overnight, regional bulk-haul applications where overall height is a consideration. By packaging an efficient sleeper into a compact «BBC», the VNR 400 maintains maximum maneuvrability for busy loading sites or industrial deliveries.

Volvo Série VNR
VNR 640

When home-time stops are fewer and farther between on your regional routes, the 61-inch midroof sleeper on the VNR 640 provides extra room for catching up on paperwork or relaxing, and ample storage to keep your living area organized. And with a short «BBC», the VNR still maintains excellent maneuvrability.

Real experienced representative


Our sales representatives welcome you in the comfort of our offices or travel to meet you at your office. Their extensive experience in the trucking and transportation fields allow them to fully understand your requirements. They take the time to analyze your needs and offer you the tractor truck that really suits you, without compromising on the comfort, ergonomics, versatility and power you need.

Charles Turgeon

Volvo sales representative
– Rive-sud

Tél. : 418 833-5333
Cell : 418 576-6666

Courriel :

Serge Roy

Volvo sales representative
– Rive-Nord

Tél. : 418 688-5333
Cell : 418 953-2098

Raymond Pouliot

Volvo sales representative
– Rive-sud

Tél. : 418 833-5333
Cell : 418 564-2495

Serge Gauvin

Directeur des ventes Volvo

Tél. : 418 833-1601 poste 1236
Cell : 418 580-6800