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The toughest truck,
for the toughest jobs

VHD Series

Tougher Made Smarter

Whether you need tight maneuverability for straight-truck applications like concrete pumpers and mixers or a bridge-law compliant wheelbase for an end-dump tractor, the VHD offers the versatility to meet your needs with available axle-forward and axle-back configurations.

Explore the VHD Series

Everywhere you look on the VHD, you’ll find rugged construction and improvements that will help you tackle your most demanding tasks. From tow hook to tail light, this truck is made to work.

VHD 300 AF

The VHD 300 axle forward configuration is ideal when applications require bridge-law compliant wheelbases. Its easily customizable chassis and nine available PTO options are representative of the entire VHD line. Like all VHD configurations the 300F meets requirements for both straight-truck and tractor applications.

Volvo Série VHD
VHD 300 AB

The VHD 300 axle back configuration is ideal when applications require an extremely tight turning radius and is available with the revolutionary Volvo Dy namic Steering (VDS). The axle back model can be spec'd with any frame length option available in the VHD family, including 6x4 tandem, 8x4 tandem, or 8x6 tri-drive.

Volvo Série VHD
VHD 400

The VHD 400 axle back sleeper configuration provides the industry's tightest turning radius, with a wheel cut up to 50 degrees, for maximum maneuverability. The 400B also is available with Volvo Dynamic Steering to compensate for the steering jolts commonly associated with off highway operations.

Real experienced representative


Our sales representatives welcome you in the comfort of our offices or travel to meet you at your office. Their extensive experience in the trucking and transportation fields allow them to fully understand your requirements. They take the time to analyze your needs and offer you the tractor truck that really suits you, without compromising on the comfort, ergonomics, versatility and power you need.

Charles Turgeon

Volvo sales representative
– Rive-sud

Tél. : 418 833-5333
Cell : 418 576-6666

Courriel :

Serge Roy

Volvo sales representative
– Rive-Nord

Tél. : 418 688-5333
Cell : 418 953-2098

Raymond Pouliot

Volvo sales representative
– Rive-sud

Tél. : 418 833-5333
Cell : 418 564-2495

Serge Gauvin

Directeur des ventes Volvo

Tél. : 418 833-1601 poste 1236
Cell : 418 580-6800