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Maximizes Freight and Efficiency

VAH Series

See The Difference Every Difference Makes

A smooth comfortable ride and superior noise suppression are just a couple of the premium VAH features designed to enhance driver productivity.

Explore The VAH Series

The VAH series employs a unique configuration that reduces overall height to provide the ultimate in loading flexibility. Deep-drop front axles, low-height Volvo Air Ride rear suspensions, and reduced-height cab options all contribute to lower overall height, offering the flexibility to position a car, pickup, or minivan over the cab. Two lowered roof heights are available, partial (102.5 inches) and full (97.5 inches), through Fontaine Modification Company. A clean top-of-frame behind the cab expedites body mounting and eases trailer hookup.

VAH 300

The VAH 300 DAYCAB is the answer for auto hauling routes that are short on miles, but long on volume. The short «BBC» daycab configuration will make your drivers happy with a tighter turning radius, and keep your bottom-line healthy by carrying up to 11 vehicles per load.

Volvo Série VAH
VAH 400

The VAH 400 FLATROOF sleeper maintains maneuverability, but adds a 42-inch sleeper for a comfortable rest when you're on the road overnight. If your auto transport business stretches from multi-stop local delivery routes to full loads hauled region-wide, the VAH 400 is an ideal solution.

Volvo Série VAH
VAH 600

The VAH FLATROOF SLEEPER makes life more comfortable, productive, and safe with a 61-inch sleeper that delivers plenty of space for rest, meals and paperwork. When long haul distances and short deadlines require spending several nights on the road, the VAH 600 answers the call for a premium sleeper cab.

Real experienced representative


Our sales representatives welcome you in the comfort of our offices or travel to meet you at your office. Their extensive experience in the trucking and transportation fields allow them to fully understand your requirements. They take the time to analyze your needs and offer you the tractor truck that really suits you, without compromising on the comfort, ergonomics, versatility and power you need.

Charles Turgeon

Volvo sales representative
– Rive-sud

Tél. : 418 833-5333
Cell : 418 576-6666

Courriel :

Serge Roy

Volvo sales representative
– Rive-Nord

Tél. : 418 688-5333
Cell : 418 953-2098

Raymond Pouliot

Volvo sales representative
– Rive-sud

Tél. : 418 833-5333
Cell : 418 564-2495

Serge Gauvin

Directeur des ventes Volvo

Tél. : 418 833-1601 poste 1236
Cell : 418 580-6800